“Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up”

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Giving up when things get tough is always the easy way out but it never fulfills your dream. It is the fortitude to continue, regardless of the opposition and resistance, until you finally succeed that fulfils dreams. Below are three examples of some who faced utter defeat, but rose to the moment of challenge and won.

The title above is actually a speech in its entirety, just nine words in all. Winston Churchill gave this speech, the shortest speech ever given in history by a dignitary.  Sir Winston Churchill addressed his alma mater to an auditorium packed out with graduating students, parents, dignitaries and guests. He gave the shortest speech those students ever heard or ever given by a dignitary. HE stood up and said, nevah give up, nevah, nevah, nevah give up! Then he sat down. Mr. Churchill lived by that motto,  to never give up, and with the help of the United Stated came out the victor of World War II, even though Great Brittan was all but destroyed.

Donald Braswell, a graduate of Julliard School of Music, was building a professional singing career when he had an auto accident and damaged his vocal cords. Doctors said he would never sing again. For two years after the accident, he was unable to talk. Gradually he built his voice back again. 11 years went by and he was now 45 and car salesman no longer thinking about his dream of becoming a professional singer.

“In 2007, unbeknown to him, Donald Braswell’s wife submitted an audition tape to NBC’s America’s Got Talent. In September of that year, Braswell received a call from the show’s producers for a live audition. Having endured years of believing he would never sing again professionally, he suddenly had the possibility of giving his three daughters a glimpse of their father performing once more on a professional stage with all the lights and cameras he had experienced in his early career. During the preliminaries, he performed “You Raise Me Up” by Rolf Løvland and Brendan Graham. Initially, the audience was hostile, collectively shouting to get him off the stage. During the second refrain of the song, however, Braswell was able to turn the audience’s reaction around, and when he finished, the audience gave him a standing ovation, even chanting “Vegas!” in unison, expressing their support for his advancement to the next round in Las Vegas.  [1] -Wikipedia

It is easy to throw in the towel when it seems we are defeated. I do not think I would have had the courage to go on as Donald Braswell did when the whole crowd was booing to get off the stage. He did, and he had them on their feet in a standing ovation chanting their support for him by the end of his song. As a result, today he fulfills his dream by singing professionally. Had he walked off the stage, it would have ended his dream forever and been a lifelong embarrassment.

There is a story I heard years ago of a young man who made a mistake that nearly discouraged him to quit on his dream but because of the wise and supporting coach, he had a second chance.

It was the 1929 Rose Bowl, the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech were playing the California Golden Bears; Roy Riegels learned a valuable lesson concerning the game of life that day, and that is never to give up regardless.

Late in the first half, Stumpy Thomason, Georgia Tech running back, fumbled the ball, after a scramble, Cal lineman Roy Riegels recovered the ball; determined to score, he dashed for the end zone, the only problem it was the wrong goal line!

One of his own teammates, Benny Loin, followed wrong-way Riegels in hot pursuit. Loin caught up and tackled Riegels on their own three-yard line. The next play would determine the game. Cal tried to punt which resulted their winding up in the end zone for a touchback, which was the two points that lost the game.

The Cal team gathered in the locker room at halftime, but no one said a word. Coach Nibbs Price finally spoke up and announced that the same team would start the second half. Roy Ricgels sat still on the bench, his face buried in his hands as the other players headed for the field.

Coach Price spoke to Roy and said, “You heard me, I said the same team would start the second half, and that includes you!

Roy said; I just could not go out there again and face my teammates after I let the coach and team down, and embarrassed our school and shamed our team.

Coach Price looked straight into his eyes and said, “The game is only half over Riegels, get out there and make something of yourself!”

After the game, the Georgia Tech players said they had never seen any­one play with the determination and intensity that Riegels showed in the second half of the 1929 Rose Bowl game.

Coach  Nibbs Price was a wise man who valued a person’s life more than a game and gave Roy a second chance to prove himself and Roy took that chance and played the game of his life.

Stumbling in life and even going the wrong way is not uncommon, but it must not discourage us in the game of life. The game is not over until it’s over. If you refuse ever to give up, you can win your dream. Never give up on your dream! Never, never give up!

[1] -Wikipedia

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