The Complete Personal Development Makeover…

Personal development includes Body, Soul and Spirit. The goal is to be the best you can be in all three Aries. I believe that personal development is the most important thing we do in life because it also promotes the best lifestyle possible. It is the key to good health, purpose and most of all a relationship with our creator.

The Body:

Our body is not like a car, as you know, that you wear out and then trade in on a new one. It is the only one we have so best take care of it so it lasts the long haul. Today is not our grandparent’s day. We now have more at our finger tips to aid us in keeping healthy than any other time in history. We have more available knowledge to help us in making right decisions about our health.

I see a lot of kids today who still smoke cigarettes. What went wrong? Did their parents continue to smoke after a ton of information revealing smoking hazards and therefore the kids also, or are we failing to teach kids the dangers of smoking in our educational system. Smoking is just plain dumb when we know today that they can cause cancer, destroy the lungs, wreck health and stink up the body.

I suppose that some smoke thinking it makes them feel better…the truth is according to a person I know  that smokes (I never have) that it takes more and more cigarettes as time goes by to just feel somewhat normal. If you smoke, please add your comment on this. I would like to know.

Cigarettes are not the only way that people abuse their body. We are a nation where two thirds are either overweight or obese.  Probably we can contribute a lot of that to the fact we are a fast food society that gets little exercise.

In reality it only takes a little more discipline to take care of our body than it does to destroy it. Get rid of bad health habits, choose a good diet and exercise regularly. Just a brisk walk 15 to 30 minutes a day would be a good start for exercising.

Also good grooming habits add to the appearance. Taking care to wear nice clothes (not necessarily expensive clothes but nice clothes) is manageable for most budgets and it can make worlds of difference in ones overall appearance. Taking care of our skin and hair also can add to overall appearance. Being concerned about your appearance is part of personal development. Not only does a good appearance make you feel better, it also draws respect from others and can set you apart as a leader.

The Soul:

The soul is made up of the mind, will and emotions. This is the primary target for personal development. The mind is the seat of our thoughts; therefore it is the nerve center of our existence. We determine what our thoughts will be, either positive or negative. If we choose negative thought patterns, it will determine how we act, how we speak and the personality that we become. It is very difficult to find purpose in life and be a contributor and harbor mostly negative thoughts at the same time.

We can also choose to have positive thoughts. I hear so many people express so much hate for the president of the United States and it does not matter who he may be. One entertainer recent compared President Obama to Hitler and said he was the enemy. No one should be compared to the most evil man of history and it is untrue that President Obama is the enemy. A positive thinker may disagree with the president’s decisions and policy but would never attack him with negative words of hate.

I believe the way we think determines our state of happiness. No one can experience the fullness of happiness when they carry a load of hate and bitterness; it is a scourge to the soul.

The will is that part of the soul that determines the course of action based either on the thoughts of the mind or the direction of the emotions. A solid positive system of thinking that is enhanced by knowledge and wisdom directs the will to make right decisions. It also disallows emotional decisions which can often be destructive.

The emotions which make up the third part of the soul are important but are often misused. The emotions are the seat of drives: the anger drive, the love drive, the sex drive, the hunger drive and many more. For example the sex drive is a God given drive and when used in the right way it brings fulfillment to any marriage. But when it is used outside the marital relationship it can be destructive. That is why we have the AIDS epidemic as well as all other STDs. Abortion also is side effect of sex outside of marriage. Every drive when used properly enhances life but when used improperly they destroy life.

It is the objective of personal development to train the mind, will and emotions to function in a way that brings a better life experience.

The Spirit:

The spirit is the inner self. When we have a relationship with God through his Son Jesus Christ, our spirit becomes the seat of the Holy Spirit of God. God and his glory actually reside within us. When we turn our life over to the control of the indwelling Holy Spirit of God, it makes the development of both our body and soul a much easier process. The Bible speaks of the sanctification of our soul which means that progressively the Holy Spirit is molding the way we think and act as we submit ourselves to him. The Bible speaks of the glorification of the body. Although we should take care of our body, the fact remains that age will finally destroy it. The Bible promises that one day God will give us a new glorified body that will last for all eternity and never experience, disease, pain or any or the suffering that we experience on this earth.


Personal development requires a decision. Are you ready to make that decision? If so, answer the three questions below.

  • Are you willing to improve yourself daily by taking action?
  • Are you willing to learn the principles of personal development?
  • Will you do whatever it takes to break bad habits and cultivate new habits and actions that bring success?

The complete personal development makeover is choosing to be all you can be in your body, in your soul and your inner self.


With patience and ease, in an unselfish and purposeful way, over a time period undetermined, and for a good that includes others, I intend for $1,000,000 to come to me and to others who join me in holding to this objective.

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