3 Critical Items you must have to survive a Crisis

Planning for future unforeseen events that are not likely to happen but is a possibility is the result of a trained mind. The untrained and undisciplined mind results in average thinking. Average thinking is going to work, doing what you are told and then going home to follow a certain routine before retiring to bed. This sort of thinking relies on things always being as usual, and when the unusual does happen, there is no plan or forethought as to what to do. A good example of this is the following story.

It was May 1, 2010, at about 10am, in the town of Westin, Massachusetts, a small suburb 15 miles west of Boston, when two 10-foot sections of a water pipe ruptured disrupting the water supply, and immediately contaminating the drinking water for the area.

A “state of emergency” was issued by Governor Deval Patrick, and affected residents were notified and instructed to boil tap water for one minute to purify it before drinking.

Even though this was an urgent situation, it was also a minor one which required a small inconvenience. There was no real emergency; water was still flowing; they were still able to flush the commodes and the electricity was still on. Actually it was no big deal, but not so for the residence; the local stores were swamped and all available bottle water was bought up in less than two hours.

It is quite astonishing how quickly the residents of this small community lost all sense of logic and stormed stores creating a brawl to get water, literally fighting over the limited supply.

This was a sheer minor crisis which was isolated to only a fraction of the Massachusetts population, and it ended quickly. Within one day, the leak was repaired, and within three days clean water was again flowing out of faucets.

The moral of this true story is that the American people aren’t prepared for a major crisis. Ultimately the people of this small area were at the mercy of the government. The National Guard brought water in by the truck loads, to rescue them. This seems like a strange response to an exceptionally small issue. But, in fact, it would probably have been no different in most other communities around the nation.

What makes it so remarkable is that thousands of people utterly lost it when all they had to do was boil their drinking water for a minute before drinking. What a small inconvenience to create such a panic. They weren’t even prepared for a minor change in how they lived. What would happen in a serious crisis where there was no drinking water, no food or electricity, and the government was too swamped to help? It would be catastrophic.

There is a real lack of basic preparedness in America today for even the smallest crisis let alone a significant one. But this doesn’t have to be true for you. Just a small amount of preparation could save you and your family’s lives.

I’m not one of those who have stored every thinkable thing and just waiting for the end of the world. I have a modest amount of storable food, a shotgun which will be supplied with only one box of ammunition and only a token amount of water. I’m not criticizing those who do have a large store of things, but I believe that other than a modest food supply and some water and the other normal things such as a battery radio, flashlight, etc. are enough along with the three critical items I will recommend below which are easily available today but will be impossible to find in a crisis:

The first item to be sure and have on hands is a water purifier (There will be plenty of water; lakes and rivers are not going suddenly to disappear). It doesn’t have to be one of those bulky contraptions that would be difficult to bring with you should you have to leave your home. Most people haven’t heard that there’s an easier way to purify your water where ever you may be or how ever extreme circumstances may become. A Swiss company, a few years ago, developed a phenomenal little device that quickly turns the dirtiest of water into drinking water in a matter of seconds. It is small enough to carry in your shirt pocket and only weighs about two ounces and requires no electricity, pills, heating or sunlight and will purify up to 1000L of water filtering 99.9 of all harmful substances. This purifier can be bought at Amazon for less than $20. Click here  and enter Vestergaard-Frandsen-527950-LifeStraw to view device on Amazon. By the way, I make no money at all when or if you buy these items. This article is for your knowledge only.

The second item you need is something to protect you and your family against potential scavengers who will be searching your neighborhood for food and water because they didn’t prepare. It is alright to have a gun, but don’t plan on using it unless all else fails. There are several types of chemical sprays available to be used  for self defense. Police officers use these. They will quickly drive the most aggressive scavenger away. Some can be purchased on the Internet for around $20.

The third item you must have on hands is antibiotics to treat dozens of deadly infections possible form contamination … These drugs can treat things like pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus infections, skin problems, and even exposure to the most common bioterrorism agent: anthrax. There are only three or four that you will need. Since I’m not a medical doctor, I’ll let you talk to your own health care provider and find out what you will need and how to acquire them. For myself, I keep silver protocol on hand which kills all types of germs, bacteria and viruses both externally and externally. It is available at Amazon also. I convey that information for knowledge only and not as a recommendation.

Conclusion: Now is the time to prepare because, in a real crisis, all life supporting supplies will be wiped out almost immediately. Your emergency stockpile of food can be as simple as extra can good items (Be sure to keep can goods rotated; they have a short shelf life). Also, available on the Internet is freeze dried food that can last up to fifteen years if stored properly. If you store water in plastic containers, be sure to store it up off the concrete floor which can contaminate the water.

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